Head to Head and Team News - Carlisle United (a)

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Crewe are on their travels and next stop is Brunton Park for a difficult game especially with the club hovering above the relegation zone.

The Alex managed to do the double over Carlisle last season with a 5-1 win at Gresty Road in September 2006 while they managed a 2-0 win at Brunton Park this time last year.

They face a tricky few games and failure to pick up points could plunge the Railwaymen into the relegation zone and with no immediate signings the writing could be on the wall.

The Cumbrians have won the last seven home games and have only conceded seven goals at home all season. Crewe on the other hand have not won away since early November and have only score nine goals on their travels.

Crewe Team News.
Steve Holland has been dealt with a blow that Ryan Lowe is ruled out with a knee injury while Ben Rix and James Bailey have been ruled out with illness.
With Lowe out Holland looks set to recall Simon Chuch in what could be his last game as his loan agreement expires after the Carlisle match.

Julien Baudet looks like he has come through training after the player had come off in the 1-0 defeat to Leeds with a tight hamstring and cramp.

Billy Jones is ruled out until the end of February while Steven Schumacher could be on the bench after the player came throught a reserve game dunring the week after a lengthy lay off.

Carlisle United Team News

United look set to give a debut to Grant Smith after the player signed until the end of the season while Simon Hackney looks set to figure after getting over fatigue.

Carlisle have also signed Evan Harwood on loan from Championship side Sheffield United and he will make his debut in defence.

Head to Head....

At Carlisle Utd. (38)At Crewe Alex. (38)
Carlisle Utd.2565.79Crewe Alex.2257.89
Crewe Alex.1026.32Carlisle Utd.718.42
Carlisle Utd.922.42Crewe Alex.912.39
Crewe Alex.451.18Carlisle Utd.431.13
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (76 matches)
Carlisle Utd.00.00Carlisle Utd.3242.11
Crewe Alex.00.00Crewe Alex.3242.11
Carlisle Utd.00.00Carlisle Utd.1351.78
Crewe Alex.00.00Crewe Alex.1361.79
Highest Aggregate8Crewe Alex. 5 - 3Carlisle Utd.1991/1992
Highest Carlisle Utd. score:6Carlisle Utd. 6 - 1Crewe Alex.1933/1934
Highest Crewe Alex. score:7Crewe Alex. 7 - 1Carlisle Utd.1938/1939
2006/2007Sat 20 JanCarlisle Utd.0 - 2Crewe Alex.League One
Sat 30 SepCrewe Alex.5 - 1Carlisle Utd.League One
1995/1996Tue 02 AprCarlisle Utd.1 - 0Crewe Alex.League Division Two
Sat 14 OctCrewe Alex.2 - 1Carlisle Utd.League Division Two
1994/1995Tue 14 FebCrewe Alex.0 - 1Carlisle Utd.(Associate Members)
1993/1994Mon 04 AprCrewe Alex.2 - 3Carlisle Utd.League Division Three
Tue 28 DecCarlisle Utd.1 - 2Crewe Alex.League Division Three
1992/1993Tue 06 AprCrewe Alex.4 - 0Carlisle Utd.League Division Three
Sat 12 DecCarlisle Utd.1 - 3Crewe Alex.League Division Three
1991/1992Fri 07 FebCrewe Alex.2 - 1Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
Tue 26 NovCrewe Alex.5 - 3Carlisle Utd.F.A. Cup
after extra time, 90 minutes 3-3
Sat 16 NovCarlisle Utd.1 - 1Crewe Alex.F.A. Cup
Sat 26 OctCarlisle Utd.2 - 1Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
1988/1989Sat 25 MarCarlisle Utd.0 - 1Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
Mon 02 JanCrewe Alex.1 - 0Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
1987/1988Sat 19 MarCarlisle Utd.0 - 1Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
Sat 31 OctCrewe Alex.4 - 1Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
1985/1986Tue 03 SepCarlisle Utd.3 - 4Crewe Alex.League Cup
Crewe Alexandra won 7-6 on aggregate
Tue 20 AugCrewe Alex.3 - 3Carlisle Utd.League Cup
1971/1972Sat 31 JulCrewe Alex.1 - 3Carlisle Utd.(Invitation) Cup
1963/1964Wed 04 SepCarlisle Utd.3 - 2Crewe Alex.League Cup
1961/1962Fri 06 AprCarlisle Utd.3 - 0Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
Sat 18 NovCrewe Alex.3 - 0Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
1960/1961Sat 25 FebCrewe Alex.3 - 0Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
Sat 08 OctCarlisle Utd.0 - 1Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
1959/1960Tue 29 SepCarlisle Utd.4 - 2Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
Wed 23 SepCrewe Alex.3 - 0Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
1958/1959Tue 17 FebCrewe Alex.3 - 1Carlisle Utd.Fourth Division
Sat 13 DecCarlisle Utd.2 - 0Crewe Alex.Fourth Division
1957/1958Sat 19 AprCrewe Alex.0 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 09 NovCarlisle Utd.2 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1956/1957Sat 16 MarCrewe Alex.2 - 2Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 03 NovCarlisle Utd.2 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1955/1956Sat 24 MarCrewe Alex.3 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 12 NovCarlisle Utd.4 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1954/1955Sat 12 FebCrewe Alex.4 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 25 SepCarlisle Utd.4 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1953/1954Sat 27 MarCrewe Alex.0 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 07 NovCarlisle Utd.5 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1952/1953Sat 07 FebCrewe Alex.2 - 2Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 20 SepCarlisle Utd.1 - 2Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1951/1952Sat 29 DecCarlisle Utd.2 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 01 SepCrewe Alex.1 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
1950/1951Sat 24 MarCarlisle Utd.2 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 04 NovCrewe Alex.1 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
1949/1950Sat 18 FebCarlisle Utd.2 - 2Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 01 OctCrewe Alex.2 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
1948/1949Sat 15 JanCrewe Alex.3 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 04 SepCarlisle Utd.6 - 2Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1947/1948Sat 14 FebCrewe Alex.0 - 2Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 27 SepCarlisle Utd.5 - 2Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1946/1947Sat 08 MarCarlisle Utd.3 - 3Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 02 NovCrewe Alex.2 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
1938/1939Sat 21 JanCrewe Alex.7 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 17 SepCarlisle Utd.1 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1937/1938Sat 09 AprCrewe Alex.4 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 08 JanCarlisle Utd.5 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1936/1937Sat 23 JanCrewe Alex.1 - 2Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 19 SepCarlisle Utd.4 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1935/1936Sat 22 FebCarlisle Utd.1 - 2Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 19 OctCrewe Alex.2 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
1934/1935Sat 16 MarCrewe Alex.1 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 03 NovCarlisle Utd.1 - 3Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1933/1934Sat 06 JanCarlisle Utd.6 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 02 SepCrewe Alex.4 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
1932/1933Mon 05 SepCrewe Alex.1 - 0Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Thu 01 SepCarlisle Utd.2 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1931/1932Sat 16 JanCrewe Alex.5 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 05 SepCarlisle Utd.2 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1930/1931Sat 07 FebCrewe Alex.3 - 5Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 04 OctCarlisle Utd.4 - 1Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1929/1930Sat 28 DecCrewe Alex.1 - 2Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)
Sat 14 DecCarlisle Utd.4 - 2Crewe Alex.F.A. Cup
Sat 31 AugCarlisle Utd.2 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
1928/1929Sat 09 FebCarlisle Utd.1 - 0Crewe Alex.Third Division (North)
Sat 29 SepCrewe Alex.1 - 1Carlisle Utd.Third Division (North)