2002 Awards Results...

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Ince-Picked up 2 awards
The winner is... Clayton Ince
a surprising result, i would say. Clayton Ince coming into the team and making his first start for the Alex in January at Rotherham. Since the defence has strengthened. He played a brilliant match at Goodision Park where not one ball got near the goal line as he plucked shots and crosses from the air for 90 minutes. He did have his critics however with some saying he was worse than Bankole. After seeing out the season in nets for the Alex he conceded some soft goals but what he has done this season has made him into a keen Alex favourite. Pulling off some excellent saves, more recently at Dean Court. Others include the penalty save at home to QPR saving the Alex at Peterborough with two point blank shots, two amazing saves that stopped Bristol City going 2-0 up inside the first 5 minutes andtwo more amazing saves at Swindon. The list goes on as he proudly boasts of 16 clean sheets to date and on for a record breaking number of 21 clean sheets in a season which is currently held by Aussie Jason Kearton.
2nd Rob Hulse
3rd Richard Walker

The winner is... David Vaughan
This was amazing. From around 30 votes
Ran away with the young player of the year award despite tough competition
Vaughany took all but one of them. The Welsh wizard jumping onto the scene early last season the nippy left winger/defender has been amazing. He's recieved praise from Dario for his stamina and his defending. He's run team ragged down the flanks and when called upon acted as a excellent left back. He's the trick up our sleve, few know about him but when up for it he can cause the most damage from midfield. Although very attacking he's very unselfish and finds himself with just 5 goals, 3 coming in the last 5 games. In pre-season there was a scuffle over who he would play for with England U-19s wanting him but so did the Wales U-21s, he chose Wales and within a ferw weeks he was amazingly called up for the full Welsh squad against Finland - although he sat out the 90 minutes on the bench.
2nd Lee Bell
3rd Dean Ashton

The winner is... Dean Ashton(1st) Vs Rotherham
...Dean Ashton, who had recieved critism before the game, picked up the ball on the edge of the area and bang straight on goal the ball curled round defenders and into the top corner of the net, the goalie was hopeless. The Crewe end went wild as Dean ended a 10 game goalless period...
2nd Dean Ashton Vs Everton
3rd Lee Bell Vs Colchester

Hulse picked up the most important award of them all
The winner is... Rob Hulse
Well obviously he was always going to win this one. With 20 goals to his name so far this season and another 6 in 2002 before this season he is well on his way to bettering David Platts ratio of goals. Crewe born and bred Hulse could set a record this season if he gets over 33 goals and with 20 already and 21+ games left - i wouldn't bet against it.
2nd Stephen Foster
3rd Clayton Ince

The winner is... Clayton Ince Vs Everton(A)
His second award from This is a well deserved one with him being the match winner on the day. Every cross that went in was plucked from the air by Incey. He also made some great stops in a game the Alex were denied a win by the crossbar. On the day Ince was up for it and was clear man of the match - unfortunatley the BBC didn't give one.
2nd Stephen Foster Vs Man City
3rd Steve Jones Vs QPR

The winner is... Man City(A) 3-2
An excellent performance from the lads. Within 40 seconds Jacks shot was to hot to handle for the Danish keeper, Schmeichel, Jack pounced and knocked it over Schmeichel and into the net 1-0 to Crewe. We held onto the lead for 69 minutes but while on the back foot it was a matter of when we woud conceded, a cracking Berkovic strike equalled the scores. Then the unfortunate Walker got his foot in the way of a Huckerby strike and the ball sailed over Ince and into the net in the 84th minute. We battled on though and when Jones broke down the left and into the area he squared it for Hulse who knocked into a open net. The gutting thing was though that Huckerby went straight up the other end and scored within 20 seconds of the restart. Some outstanding performances included Foster, who kept whinging Anelka in the shadows, and Walker who kept Berkovice from dominating the game.
2nd Rotherham 2-4 Crewe
3rd One fo the Port Vale triplets

'Under Performer' Of The Year
The winner is... Neil Sorvel
Rubbish. Sorry.
Not one award for the king :(

2nd Wayne Collins
3rd Ade Bankole

Most Underrated Of The Year
The winner is... Kenny Lunt
Recieves too much critism from the flat cap brigade. So he not the best built player of all time but we wouldn't score half the goals without him. His set-peices are vital, he creativity is vital and he tackles more than most like to think. He's just a scape goat for you all - get off his back.
2nd David Wright(Hear hear)
3rd Neil Sorvel - Strange.
These are not our choices. The winners are those who got the majority of the vote. Duh.