The best yet to come?

Last updated : 28 January 2003 By Site Staff
Anyone get the feeling we're yet to see the best from a Hulse and Ashton partnership?

In September it was Ashton to get 30, Hulse to get 15 etc. I think the partnership may just be working after abit of shuffling around. Since September i've seen a few posts saying "Told you so, never rated Ashton me. Will fall to the non-league now" etc Seems they're being proved wrong now. Ashton has had a rocky time but at the moment hes bang on form and you can tell by the way he came back from injury and got straight into the goals... it wasn't a scrappy goal either. He's always had the talent and i've always rated him as the best player in the current squad. He simply scares defenders. Also, name me another nationwide player who continues to shoot from 40-50 yards out and only miss by inches every time?

Hulse has surprised many. While many knew he was good, no one knew he was great. Gets in great positions and as the season goes on he just gets better. For example the first goal against Brentford he scored, right up there with the best in his career i would say. not only for the finnish but for the first touch he took before swiping it past the keeper. Everyone loves him, though, for his commitment. He lives, eats and sleeps Crewe and bleeds red and white.

If the two stay fit i wouldn't put it past them to get 50 goals between them. Hulse is almost certain to get 30 goals, barring injury, and Ashton just has the natural talent to score goals from anywhere on the pitch.

Also, Jack could get 15-20. On 12 already. And what price would you have got on Jones to get a few.. around 10 by the end of the season?

Thats a estimated strike force of 80 goals. Ofcourse it might not be that high because Ashton, Jack and Jones won't start every game for the season.

So while Cardiff have Earnshaw, Wigan have Ellington, Bristol City have Murray and Stockport have Beckett, Can anyone match our 'strike force' in this division?