Stop moaning...

Last updated : 06 January 2003 By Site Staff
The players are proffesional... they are paid and trained to play games and saying the cup run sent us down last season is rubbish. Utter bollocks. Pish. Cr*p. An awful excuse for an excuse. Ok so we lost Brammer last season but we had enough chances to wrap games up and the defence was just awful in the last quarter of the season. It wasn't the cup run that wrote us off, it was us not being good enough... face it.

Back to the subject. Many are saying we might aswell lose to Bournemouth. Why? Ok, so Stoke aren't the Man Utd of this world but local pride is at stake. Don't try and hide the fact that it's not a derby and we're all one big happy family because it's not - i would love to stuff them. We SHOULD beat Bournemouth, We SHOULD go out with the aim to win every game and hopefully we WILL do that. If we aren't good to handle a cup run and keep focused on the league then are we good enough for Division One?