A Night Of Drama.

Last updated : 15 January 2003 By Site Staff

Well. What a match. Although it wasn't the score we wanted it was certainly entertaining for the neutrals. However it's been ruined by fans blowing everything out of proportion. Lack of effort? Dire performances? Come on. Bournemouth wanted it much more while we weren't that bothered. We certainly put effort in and the performance wasn't that bad it was lack of strikers that finished us off. We had 13 chances about 9 were clear cut. You can not blame players who have just come out of the reserves to finish them off every time. If it was Hulse or Ashton up there then fine but we didn't have a proven striker infact we didn't have a striker out there. We were playing 6 midfielders 4 defenders and a keeper.

From the start it was obvious it wasn't going to be a stroll in the park, everyone knew that but Bournemouth have it in their thick skulls we were expecting a home win. Bournemouth are a good passing side and it showed as they more than equalled our game. Jones scored and thats when i thought one more goal would see us home and dry but then we let a soft goal in from close range when the ball was knocked down for Hayter 5 yards out to volley in. In the second half Bournemouth got a penalty. It looked certain to settle the game unless Ince could pull off his third penalty save of the season. However it was the post that sent Crewe cheering as a awful penalty was smashed against the bar.

Ince then pulled up with a groin injury. Awful. Bankole in net? That signalled the end of our cup run. He came on and spilt ball after ball after ball. Towards the end of normal time though we SHOULD have won it. Chances went begging. Balls from Lunt, Wright and Tierney kept floating into the middle of the area and a Alex player failed to get the final touch. Lunt hit the post when he cut inside the area. Jones skimmed the post after his cross went wrong. Brammers long range shot was parried down by Tardif. Bournemouth just defended for their lives as Crewe hit shot after shot after shot. Everyone knew if we had Hulse or Ashton atleast 2 of these chances would have gone in. I believe with a striker like Hulse or Ashton it could have ended up 3 or 4-1 to us.

End of normal time. We weren't looking like we would score if the match went on for another 90 minutes never mind 30 so it was always going to penalties. First though Bankole. He spilt a Hayter sot for Fletcher to pounce on. Just like last season. Mistake after mistake. We aren't going up with this cr*p excuse of a keeper in nets. Remember Coventry 6-1? Remember Sheffield Wednesday at home? How can people think about sticking up for him. He's dreadful. He's outstayed his welcome and if the official site are right lets hope Dario finds a good loanee keeper... because with Ince out for atleast 3 weeks we'll need one!

As many eft for the exits i was thinking of doing the same as we just looked tired and clueless. We were going nowhere. Lee Bell and Steve Jones up front? Now i love the Alex and will support them and Dario all the way but come on. Steve Jones is a winger and isn't there to get the goals. Lee Bell isn't even a first team midfielder never mind striker.

120th minute then a last minute freekick, or was it a corner, went in. Not that i was watching much. The red and white bandanna rose above the rest and bang in off the cross bar. Gresty Road errupted and celebrated like it was promotion. Bournemouth fans had their heads in their hands and Sodje was going wild as he wiped the egg of his face after telling Bournemouth fans that they wouldn't win.

That was it. Penalties at Gresty Road for the first time in years.

Brammer - Missed. Weak and straight at the keeper.
Lunt - Missed. Straight at the keeper. Very nervous.
Jones - Missed. Smashed into the post.
Wright - Scored. Straight down the centre.

Bournemouth scored their first two with ease. Their third was stopped on the line by Bankole but they sent their 4th straight into the bottom corner.