Northampton Preview: Team News

Last updated : 31 January 2003 By Site Staff
Way back in August the Alex met the Cobblers in the first game of the season. A pretty woeful game ended 1-1 with a last minute equaliser from Gabbiadini. It left us nearer to the relegation spots than the top of the league. Alot has changed since then. We have racked up 17 wins and sit perfectly in 2nd place while Northampton have only won 5 games and sit 19th with the relegation zones looming. During that time aswell Northampton have swapped managers with Kevin Broadhurst being sacked and Terry Fenwick moving in. Fenwick has managed the cobblers for 3 games and so far he's been, well, Cobblers. Sorry, i couldn't do a Northampton preview without that pun in it.

He's won just the 1 game and lost the other two. His first game he won 2-1 at relegation rivals Barnsley. Since the cobblers have put in two awful performances, from the look of their fans reaction, and the short honeymoon period is over. Fenwicks 'army' have the 3rd worst away attack in the league while we have the worst home attack in the top half. Our biggest home win being 3-0. However.... We have the best home defence in the league conceding 8 goals all season. They have the 2nd worst defence. GOing to be a cracking match.

On Tuseday the Alex lost 4-2 to Shrewsbury, if you've been in space for the past week, and Dario is absolutley fuming at the team for lack of effort and 4 mistakes which cost us the game. Today he sat the team down and made them watch the game and discuss where they went wrong... painful. So many Alex fans are looking for the Alex to make up for that depressing show by thrahing Northampton tomorrow. It will be very dissapointing if they don't respond.

Tonight(Friday) its Oldham vs Cardiff. If Oldham win they go 1 point ahead of us, but we'll have 2 games in hand, if Cardiff win they go level on points with the Alex as a superior goal difference is unlikely to be tampered with. If its a draw the Alex could go 4 points clear of 3rd place by 4:45pm tomorrow. If we win on Tuseday at Notts County we could be atleast 6 points clear of 3rd and EVEN 7 points if results went our way.

The team tomorrow will be somewhat different to the one which faced Shrewsbury. Bankole will probably stay in net despite many saying he's not fit enough to play. Dario will ring changes in defence. Sodje will be dropped back down to the bench and Wright will take his place on the right. In the cnetre Richard Walker will replace injured Foster. In midfield captain, god, genius, excellent Dave Brammer will return in place of either Ben Rix or David Vaughan. With one of Vaughan or Rix staying on the left of the field. Up front Ashton will fall back to the bench and January unbeatable strike force of Jones and Hulse will look to get on track for promotion.

For Northampton. The apparent Alex target, Chris Hargreaves, is out injured. The man with the great name, Paul Trollope, returns. Thats about it.

Prediction: :<Crewe Alexandra 4-1 Northampton Town>: